About The Product

Who doesn’t love the festive ambience of tiny lights? They can create a mood, celebrate an occasion, signify a season (what would the holidays be without glitter), cheer a person up, or calm one’s psyche.

red-themed combination and arrangement of the visual ingredients. It’s sheer decorating art. Silver, gold and bronze literally shimmer. Blues and plums add cool sophistication. Reds, burgundies and greens vibrate with energy. The stunning icing on the visual confection is the transparent ribbon that captures and radiates the glow of the lights throughout a room.

The illuminated decor piece is called a gift because that’s how the creative couple first envisioned the product. “We saw it initially as the perfect gift for someone who had everything but we quickly discovered people wanted The Brilliant Gift for themselves because it’s a terrific addition to any decor regardless of scale – home, apartment or condo. It co-ordinates with any decorating style – country to urban and is suitable for any occasion or season,” said Tracey. “It’s instant decorating and atmosphere.”

The Brilliant Gift also offers two other advantages, one of them being size. It comes in a single eight inch block or a set of 3 various size blocks, which are easily positioned or carried from room to room. Secondly, its cord and switch have also been designed for easy positioning of the product.”The on and off switch is three feet from the outlet, which means you can literally plug it in even in awkward spaces without having to struggle around furniture and sockets,” said Tracey.


  • Enhance your decor design. Square is in – use The Brilliant Gift with its dramatic glass block shape as a balance to other elements in your decor.
  • Add shimmer and glitter to romantic evenings, family gatherings and a get together with your friends without paying a fortune. Instant atmosphere. What could be easier?
  • Be as formal or as informal as you like. For formal, try an Art Deco look with metallics and sophisticated structure. For informal, opt for colored lights with whimsical ribbon patterns, like snowmen.
  • Get mega impact without much space. Live in a compact condo or apartment yet still love the festive look of a lighted tree? Put The Brilliant Gift on a side table or bookcase. Turn off the room lights and you have the joy of the season – instantly!
  • Add glitz to the neighborhood. Put The Brilliant Gift on a window ledge. As the sun sets let The Brilliant Gift be the ‘star’ attraction.
  • Throw a themed party – set the tone and ambience with groupings of The Brilliant Gift. Your guests won’t want to go home.
  • Responsible for corporate gifts this year? Be bright. Go bright with The Brilliant Gift.
  • Share the magic. After you treat yourself to The Brilliant Gift, treat a friend to one.

Block Styles

Light Colours